Entrainment Network

Entrainment phenomena the synchronization of two or more autonomous rhythmic processes have been identified in many natural systems. When one physically oscillating system entrains another, it means that the timing of repetitive motions by one system influence motions by another oscillator such that they fall into a simple temporal relationship with each other. These phenomena seem to be universal and can be understood within a common framework of nonlinear system dynamics that has been developed mainly in physics, mathematics, engineering, and natural sciences. The entrainment network is a research group working on applications of this concept in musicology and ethnomusicology. It is organized by scholars from the UK and the USA (Martin Clayton, Open University, UK; Udo Will, Ohio State University, USA; Ian Cross, University of Cambridge, UK) and supported by grants from the British Academy.

Activities of the network will run from 2004 to early 2007, and include a series of research conferences as well as a symposium. The preliminary schedule is as follows:

Oct 2004
Meeting at Open University/Cambridge University to discuss methods and joint projects, and to plan symposium.

Mar/April 2005 Entrainment symposium Ohio State University. - > More Info

Dec 2005 Meeting at Open University/Cambridge University. - > Program/Participants

May 2006 Meeting at Florida Atlantic University. > More Info

Sept 2006 Meeting at Open University/Cambridge.

Mar 2007 Ohio State University; final meeting with review of the research period and discussion of future perspectives and a cumulative joint publication.

Researchers interested in joining the network or one of the meetings, please contact:

Faculty of Arts
Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA


Dr. Udo Will
School of Music
Ohio State University
110 Weigel Hall, 1866 College Road
Columbus, OH, 43210